PCDJ Karaoki Review

PCDJ Karaoki combines the best of two worlds – a robust set of professional features, and a UI that’s (relatively) easy to use for windows user. It packs in everything you’d expect in club-grade karaoke software, including support for multiple file formats, singer rotation, singer display, lyrics output to secondary screen and a very intuitive song library. PCDJ UI is significantly better than most of the competition (most notably, Siglos Karaoke Pro) though it’s not as good as KaraFun.
Since the first launch of PCDJ products online in 1999, pcdj.com has been a leader in the new Internet music economy. More than 9 million copies of PCDJ’s demo software have been downloaded, and pcdj.com has consistently been in the top 1% of most visited Web sites worldwide.

The award-winning PCDJ brand of software and hardware products for professional DJs and musicians is offered by Digital 1 Audio, Inc. (D1DJ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital 1 Media, Inc. The PCDJ suite of advanced, digital products is the acknowledged industry pioneer and leader, enabling professional DJs to have significantly enhanced control over their original, musical performances.

PCDJ products are designed by professional musicians, DJs and audio engineers, with their own requirements in mind. In addition to the creation of next-generation tools for live musical performances, D1DJ’s developers also provide advanced audio software development services to a number of high-profile, international clients and partners.
PCDJ Red Mobile has all the features and compatibilities you want in your DJ mixing software.

Recently, Karaoki launched a cloud-based, always-online song library called Karaoke Cloud Pro. It works just like KaraFun and gives you quick access to over 13,000 tracks. Unfortunately, since Karaoki is aimed at professional users, it sells only yearly licenses at $99/month.

The Verdict: Get PCDJ Karaoki if you want the features of Siglos and the usability of KaraFun, plus access to a huge cloud-based karaoke song library.

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