Panic Away Review

I heard from a few friends of mine that Panic Away was the ULTIMATE program to treat my anxiety and panic attacks.  I was desperate.  I got to a point in life where I started to grasp onto self-pity, it was like I had on glasses that made me look at the world with such a negative view.  My curiosity and desperation got the best of me and I wanted to try it.  Although I couldn’t a lot of useful information online, I saw that there was a  Panic Away money back guarantee and so I bought it.  This is my review.

What’s Included?

Panic Away comes in two versions, which is really awesome.  There is a digital version and the physical version.  The only real difference between the two is how fast you receive the program after purchase as the digital version is downloadable right away.

The program includes:

  1. A Book (whether physical or digital)
  2. A set of audio tracks (CD or digital)
  3. Videos

The program begins by giving you information on the real causes behind anxiety and stress (panic) and then works to educate you so you can understand yourself better. You then move into three steps which Panic Away denotes these steps as “Recovery”.
The three steps need to be done in sequential order.

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